Orientation videos will give you a comprehensive overview of our shcool.

Looking for orientation guidance?

We’ve got some orientation videos lined up just for you. They’re here to make your first day at ISI Dublin a breeze and help ease any nerves you might have. Take a few minutes to check them out!

First Day at ISI Dublin

We've prepared this video to guide you through your first day at ISI Dublin. It begins with an orientation session to acquaint you with the school, followed by immersing yourself ...

Social Programme Orientation

We've prepared this video to present you our Social Programme activities. Whether it's exploring cultural sights, participating in community events, or enjoying recreational outings, we're thrilled to provide you with ...

Academic Year Students Orientation

We've put together this video to walk you through your Academic Year programme at ISI Dublin. This video serves as your personal guide to navigate through the Academic Year programme ...
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Who to contact at ISI Dublin?

The organization is essential to have a quick response from us and speed up the processes.

Student Welfare Officer

Jen Diaz Green
School Director


Zeynep Sahin
Academic Manager MHL


Anita Topa
Receptionist MHL

Social Programme

Melissa Olivas Garcia
Social Programme Coordinator


Nayara Meireles
Admissions Assistant


Adriane Cordeiro
Accommodation Manager

General Inquires

Marcelo Lopez Anido
School Manager

If there are questions that haven’t been answered in our FAQ just let us know and we will be happy to help you.